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Empowering communities. Promoting heritage. Retaining identities.

The Heritage Partners (THP) is a boutique professional services agency specialising in research, impact analysis, and heritage branding & management. Since 2017, THP has been an innovator in the social impact and cultural heritage space. Our services are centred around the preservation of history and the elevation of heritage, culture and tradition.

Having experience in historical research, market research, social analysis, communications, public engagement, law, and management consulting, THP is equipped to use our passion and diverse skill sets to work with the private and public sectors, including developers and policymakers. We have developed relationships with a wide range of specialised consultants in the fields of research, sociology, environmental sciences, engineering, developmental economics and media production.

Based in The Bahamas, THP believes that development should be sustainable and human-centred.
We aim to empower communities by ensuring that their heritage is preserved and promoted, their identity is retained and enhanced, and their voices are heard and included.

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