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'I Survived Dorian'

A mini documentary for the Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research Centre (CCARR) in connection with its ‘I Survived Dorian’ community history project.

This project presents an opportunity to highlight the impacts that natural hazards and climate change have on human lives and the societal ripple effects. The short film hopes to influence conversations surrounding climate change, climate education, climate justice, and issues of vulnerability faced by at-risk communities.‍
Cultural Heritage Management
Media Production
Research & Social Analysis
  • THP was the official partner of the Climate Change and Resilience Research Centre (CCARR) of the University of The Bahamas in coordinating a community history project focused on Hurricane Dorian.
  • We conducted research on the social impacts of climate change, oral histories of persons living in Grand Bahama and Abaco who survived Hurricane Dorian, and interviewed key specialists in the fields of mental health and climate change.
  • We produced and directed a short documentary film focusing on the survivors of Hurricane Dorian as well as a short marketing video for social media.


The “I Survived Dorian” project by the Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research Centre (CCARR) provides a platform for residents of The Bahamas that survived the 2019 Hurricane Dorian. National assessments related to the storm focused on the economic losses and damages, with little acknowledgement or inclusion of the human experiences–particularly how vulnerable groups were affected.

This project aims to empower individuals to share their experiences with Dorian, their views on how disaster preparedness and responses can be improved, and their opinions on how inequities can be addressed to reduce vulnerability.

Last updated: 
May 8, 2024